Contains Moderate Peril: Episode 175 We don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges

Show notes:

The “average gamer” and games development? [Starts 1:30] Is the so called “average gamer” still the focus of games development by studios?

Simultaneous Release [Starts 20:11] Is it time that the movie indusrty embraced the concept of cross platform simulatanous release?

Pre-Order versus Game of the Year Edition [Starts 37:19] Does the games community live on either ends of this binary spectrum?

Theme (Quick Thinking) by Neil Cross. Voiceover by Eric Holloway.

Guest contact details: Braxwolf and Sean.


Contains Moderate Peril: Episode 174 Bad Penny

Show notes:

“Exposure” or pay? [Starts 3:05] Is offering content providers “exposure” a comparable alternative to pay? Jimquisition: Exposure

Are MMORPG players a minority in their own genre? [Starts 31:19] Massively Over Thinking: MMO players have become a minority in their own genre. Sour grapes or have some players been “thrown out of their own party”?

Have we had enough of experts? [Starts 44:22] Mark Kermode: Frame of reference

Theme (Quick Thinking) by Neil Cross. Voiceover by Eric Holloway.

Guest contact details: